Why do people choose MLOExam.com?

Here are some comments from users of our study aid, to see more feedback from our users please check us out on facebook.

"I've tried some study MLO Exam programs before in order to pass the SAFE ACT requirements, but honestly they were too boring to go through. Having an interactive practice test is a lot more fun and a lot more educational!"

James Kazinsky, Chicago Illinois

"The images in the Real Estate Exam video helped so much, When I was taking the Real Estate Exam it was like I could here the voice from the Exam Prep video giving me the answer. It was great!"

Sarah Noonan, Los Altos California

"When I did the other Real Estate Exam programs I could not see the ones I got wrong until I finished a Real Estate Practice exam, by that time I had already forgotten the concept. I love how I can save tough Real Estate Exam questions for review and go back to them whenever I want. The way it is listed below while I do the questions is great."

Carol Lee, La Quinta California

"I love the Key Words in the Real Estate Exam Prep video, that is brilliant because it helped me so much to follow and understand the key points for my real estate exam."

Selwyn Oscar, Somers New York

"The Broker exam practice exams helped so much to nail down what I needed to know and push all the other info to the side. After practicing in Florida for 35 years, I needed that so much!"

Lisa Sage, Clearwater Florida

"I hate studying, thus I loved how this just got to the point so I can move on with my life. This is the only study guide I used and I passed the first time! It told me exactly what I needed to know for my real estate exam."

Korin Burke, El Paso Texas

"I had taken the Real Estate Broker exam 3 times in the past until I decided to choose RealEstateStudyAids.com. Well, I am proud to say...I took the Broker exam again and I PASSED!!! I can not express my gratitude near enough and can only tell you that what is said is true, RealEstateStudyAids.com is the greatest and you just made one more person's dreams come true in passing the Real Estate Broker Exam!
I can finally move on in life in being the best Real Estate Broker that I can be."

Maple Patton, Westchester California

"The NMLS Crash Courses bored me to death and the teacher would not stop talking about stuff that did not relate to the exam. It was such a waste of time, Somebody mentioned MLOexam.com to me, and it was perfect. It told me EXACTLY what I needed to know for my real estate exam. Uggh the money I would have saved if I went to this site from the start!"

Steve Trieu, San Diego California

"I love the real estate exam prep video, I could not read the real estate book to save my life, the video made it so simple and the Keywords that came up in the video shot right out at me during the real state exam."

Josh Johnson, Erie Pennsylvania

"I only did the on-line questions through your website over and over and when I took the Broker Exam on July 30,2008, at least 65-70% of the questions were identical to your practice Questions. Thanks for the help. I passed my broker exam the first time around after studying only for four days. NOT BAD AT ALL!"

Azi Manoussi

"I want to THANK YOU for offering the best study program out there. I opted out of doing a face-to-face cram course due to my busy schedule. Instead, I purchased different study aids to help me cram for the test. I truly believe that the AWESOME videos and practice tests were what helped me pass on the first time! I bought CD's and study guides (books) that I didn't even touch after using your videos and practice tests. There are SO many questions in the tests and it REALLY helped. The videos gave a great background on all important topics. I credit my passing the test to YOUR materials! THANK YOU! I passed the first time. For those of you trying to find the best study materials...the videos and practice tests (and flash cards) are so worth it and you don't get alot of extra info you don't need. Worth every penny!!!"

Caryn Chavez

"I passed my broker test state and national the first time, because of your program. I kept taking the tests on line and when I went to take the test at the testing center, it was like taking the test again on your site. Thanks for the support."

Burlin Allen, Remax, Jefferson City, TN.


My name is Will, and I recently graduated from RE-school in Indiana. I graduated on a Wednesday and scheduled my state test for that Saturday.

After trying to study I quickly realized I made a HUGE mistake scheduling my test so soon, as there is NO WAY anyone can review simply by reading the book.

I found your online study services and I am so grateful to all of you for spullying us withthis information and digital interface. Without your information in NO WAY would any pass the Indiana state test!!!!!!

The test was extremely difficult, and I passed my classroom with a 94% average, so I am not an idiot. The state test was extremely hard, with questions worded in such a manner that made my brain hurt afterwards.

Your study aids, the videos and ESPECIALLY the individual practice tests were the ONLY way I could have passed. Being able to re-take them over and over along with the review side was a HUGE advantage!!!!

Thank YOU very much, to all of you, each and every one who works there for dedicating yourself to all of us trying to pass such a difficult milestone.

I recommend your services to ALL, everywhere in the USA, if you need to pass your real estate exam the first time.

Thank you again!!!"

Will Rogers, Jr. Licensed RE Agent in Indiana